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An Duanaire, 1600-1900: Poems of the Dispossessed – Sean O Tuama and Thomas Kinsella

Tá cóipeanna de SAn Duanaire, 1600-1900: Poems of the Dispossessed le Sean O Tuama ar fáil againn anseo i Charlie Byrne’s anois!

Duanaire 1600-1900


The Book

This is a reprint, with a new cover design, of the anthology which became an immediate best seller when it was published in 1981 and of which the critics wrote. The primary purpose of An Duanaire is to demonstrate the nature and quality of the Irish poetic tradition during the troubled centuries from the collapse of the Gaelic order to the emergence of English as the dominant vernacular of the Irish people. Thomas Kinsella’s English translations, all new, aim at a close fidelity to the content of the originals, while suggesting something of the poetic quality, and the basic rhythms, of the original Irish poems.

Daoine a bhfuil Nua-Ghaeilge éigin acu is mó a bhainfidh leas as an saothar seo. Is é atá sna haistriúcháin ná téacsanna a léifí bonn ar bhonn leis na buntéacsanna, agus a bheadh ina gcabhair dóibh siúd ar mhaith leo tuiscint níos cruinne a fháil ar an dánta Gaeilge . . . ‘Mar ghníomh creidimh I bhfilíocht Ghaeilge na tréimhse sin ina bhfuil ár scoilteacha cultúir lonnaithe, agus i leanúnachas traidisiún na filíochta Gaeilge, is cloch mhíle an-tábhachtach An Duanaire.’ (Liam Ó Muirthile, Innti 6).

About the Author 

Seán Ó Tuama (1926 – 2006), poet, dramatist, and critic, grew up in Gurranebraher and studied at University College Cork. He later became Professor of Modern Irish Literature at UCC, as well as a visiting professor at Harvard, Oxford, and the University of Toronto. His poetry is collected in Faoileán na Beatha (1962, An Chlóchomar Tta.) and Death in the Land of Youth: New and Selected Poems of Seán Ó Tuama (1997, Cork University Press). He also wrote five plays, including Gunna Cam agus Slabhra Óir. Dráma Véarsaíochta Thrí Ghníomh (1978 Sáirséal agus Dill). His most notable academic works are An Grá in Amhráin na nDaoine (1960, An Chlóchomhar Tta., 1960), An Grá i bhFilíocht na nUaisle (1988) and An Duanaire – Poems of the Dispossessed, in collaboration with Thomas Kinsella (1981). He also published a book of literary essays and an anthology of 20th century Irish poetry.

Thomas Kinsella (born 4 May 1928) is an Irish poet, translator, editor, and publisher. Kinsella was born in Dublin, to a family traditionally employed at the Guinness Brewery. Educated at the Model School, Inchicore followed by the O’Connell Schools (Christian Brothers). He abandoned a Science Scholarship at UCD and entered the Civil Service, where he stayed for 19 years, reaching post of assistant Principal officer in the Dept. of Finance.
He kept on, completing an Arts degree at UCD through night-classes. He published “Poems” in 1956 and “Another September” in 1958. Sometime later (1963?) he came to the United States. After many more papers and poetry collections, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and a Professorship of English at Temple University; he founded Peppercanister to publish his own verse,he returned to Ireland in 1976.

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