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Bargain Flann O’Brien

flannobrianNow in store, bargain books by Flann O’Brien, The Best of Myles and The Dalkey Archive.

About The Best of Myles

‘Brilliant, morosely inventive comic turns devoted to O’Brien’s favourite topics: the literary life, the Gaelic Revival, civil service bureaucracy, booze and its discontents’ Observer

From 1940 until his death in 1966, Flann O’Brien, under the pseudonym Myles na Gopaleen, wrote the daily column ‘Cruiskeen Lawn’ in the Irish Times. With shameless irony and relentless high spirits he satirised the absurdities and solemnities of Dublin life, making ‘Cruiskeen Lawn’ the most feared, respected and hilarious newspaper column in the whole of Ireland.

‘Dublin was O’Brien’s ground – its talk, whether official bombast, idle pub chat or literary pretentiousness, his medium and his target. A very funny book’ Sunday Times

‘Intoxicatingly funny… All those man-years of attendance at Grogan’s and the Dolphin filled O’Brien’s remarkable “ear-cup” with curiosa of Dublin talk. A priceless estate-sale of alien and gorgeous vocabulary. Timeless.’ Nicholson Baker

Available in store for the bargain price of €6.  For more information, or to reserve a copy, simply contact us.

About The Dalkey Archive

‘Wit, humour, satire, the exact fall of a Dublin syllable, the ear for the local turn, the flight of fancy that can spin into a Dublin joke or a Limerick limerick – all these are his’ New York Times

A work of comic genius and an extraordinary literary flight of fancy, The Dalkey Archive is the tale of theologian and mad scientist De Selby’s attempts to destroy the world by removing all the oxygen from the atmosphere. Only lowly civil servant Michael Shaughnessy and James Joyce – alive and well and working as a barman in the nearby seaside resort of Skerries – can stop the inimitable De Selby in his tracks.

‘Flann O’Brien is one of the half-dozen or so greatest comic writers in the English language of this or any other century, the equal of such geniuses of comedy as Sterne, Joyce, Beckett, Waugh and Firbank’ Gilbert Sorrentino

‘The best comic writer I can think of’ S. J. Perelman

Available in store for the bargain price of €5.  For more information, or to reserve a copy, simply contact us.

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