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Begin Where You Are by June Favre


Begin Where You Are by June Favre

Here at Charlie Byrne’s we are proud to announce we will be launching June Favre’s intriguing life memoirs Begin Where You Are Friday the 8th of May at 6:30pm

Born in a farmhouse in north central Kansas, June Favre has studied in the US, Mexico, France and Ireland earning a BA, MA and PhD. She lives part-time in Fruita, Colorado and part-time in Athenry, County Galway.

A self-proclaimed dreamer, June is not satisfied with merely dreaming; she persistently works to make those dreams come true. The paths are never straight; there are many twists and turns on the way to achieving those dreams: the dream made with her mother of a university education; the dream of foreign travel written by a thirteen year old in a school essay; the dream of seeing and learning about the world. The highlights in this Walter Mittyesque true life include a president, an emperor, famous performers, travel and, finally, earning a PhD. As June demonstrates, there is no magic in fulfilling your dreams Begin Where You Are.

Make sure you drop in today at 6:30pm today to purchase your copy of this interesting, vivacious book and to hear a reading from the author June Favre.

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