Brazco Coffee Academy

Lots of browsing in Brazco Coffee Academy, Caraiig Láir Shopping Centre with Charlie Byrne's Bookshop

Lots of browsing in Brazco Coffee Academy, Carraig Láir Shopping Centre

Everyone knows that good coffee and great books are a match made in heaven! Now Brazco Coffee Academy and Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop have teamed up to offer both brew and books in a warm, friendly space that’s a great place to unwind or to meet up with friends and family.

Find shelves of our books in Brazco’s bustling Oranmore village café, or browse our books in the Brazco café located above Lidl in the Carraig Láir Shopping Centre. Brazco cafés are well-known for their excellent coffee that’s served up by prize-winning baristas – and they’re also great places to browse, read, and relax.

Brazco Oranmore Village

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Brazco above Lidl, Carraig Láir Shopping Centre

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