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Counter Culture; The Sheridans Guide to Cheese


Counter Culture; The Sheridan’s Guide to Cheese

Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop and Transworld Publishing will be hosting the luanch of Counter Culture; The Sheridans Guide to Cheese on Saturday November 7th 2015 at 5pm. This is the Sheridan brother’s first book inspired by their cheese selling market stall which has met with rave reviews from all the cheese-lovers at Charlie Byrne’s.

Kevin and Seamus Sheridan first started selling cheese from a market stall in Galway over twenty years ago. As passionate advocates of the family farm and champions of authentic food production, the brothers soon developed a reputation for selling the very best cheeses from around the world.

In their first book, Kevin and Seamus share their expert knowledge as they take you behind the counter and into the farms and fields to watch this incredible food come to life. Along the way, the brothers not only share their passion for food and farming but also explore the miraculous process of turning milk into cheese, and look at what it is that makes each type so unique.

An indispensable handbook for both novice cheese-lovers and mature connoisseurs alike,  The Sheridans Guide to Cheese celebrates the cheeses of the world and is packed full of advice on buying, storing and serving your favourite cheeses, with tasting notes, flavour-pairings and delicious recipes to help you appreciate every cheese you try.

This beautifully put together book is available at Charlie Byrne’s for the reduced price of  only €19.99 and al are welcome to the launch on Saturday November 7th at 5pm. For more information or to reserve a copy, simply contact us.

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