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Dick Dowling; Galway’s Hero of Confederate Texas by Timothy Collins and Ann Caraway Ivins


Tim Collins signing Dick Dowling; Galway’s Hero of Confederate Texas

Charlie Byrne’s were lucky enough to have Tim Collins author of Dick Dowling; Galway’s Hero of Confederate Texas drop in to sign a few copies of this comprehensive biography of the life of Dick Dowling. This book attempts to put the life of Dick Dowling into the context of the turbulent times he lived in, and shows that his contribution to the development of Texas and Houston in particular, is still acknowledged by those who take pride in their culture and heritage in Texas.


Dick Dowling; Galway’s Hero of Confederate Texas

Born into  a relatively prosperous farming family in Knock, Milltown, County Galway, Dick Dowling was still only a child when the Great Famine ravaged Ireland. Like millions of others, the Dowling family suffered the devastating consequences, being evicted from their land and reduced to seeking shelter in the Tuam Workhouse. In 1847 his parents put nine year old Dick and his older sister on a ship bound for New Orleans, trusting their future to fate, a decision unthinkable in any era.

Moving to Houston in 1987, Dick leased a saloon, married the daughter of Irish immigrants and began to deal in real estate. His leisure time was spent in self education and with the Davis Guards, a militia artillery unit. With the advent of the Civil War and the secession of Texas from the Union, the Davis Guards were mustered into the Confederate Army, with Dick enlisting as Lieutenant. Assigned to garrison duty in a small fort overlooking Sabine Pass, where the Sabine River, which separates Texas from Louisiana, Dick Dowling and the Davis Guards achieved everlasting fame in September 1863, when they turned back a Federal invasion fleet intent on subduing Texas.

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