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Eva’s Journey by Bernadette Joyce

20160519_155324Charlie Byrne’s has just received signed copies of Eva’s Journey by Bernadette Joyce.

Eva’s journey begins as an eight-year-old in a dysfunctional childhood in a fear-filled era of Chilean history. Born into poverty, her life is shaped by her grandfather’s disappearance under Pinochet’s dictatorship. She leaves home at a young age and moves from place to place, all the while fighting for justice in spite of being faced with tremendous obstacles.

Eventually Eva’s troubles appear to be alleviated when she, along with her friend Mario, leads a group of homeless people to lay claim to land in the Atacama Desert. However, it is here that Eva experiences an unimaginable tragedy, as she and five other parents fall victim to a horrendous crime.

Inspired by real events, Eva’s journey  draws on the author’s experiences in Chilean shanty towns to depict three very different regions both during and after the dictatorship. The book tells of homelessness, disappearances and a disregard for the poor, but is overall a moving tale of strength and endurance.

Eva’s Journey is available in store for €15. For more information, or to reserve a copy, simply contact us.

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