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Hallelujah by Jonathan Bardon


Hallelujah by Jonathan Bardon

Charlie Byrne’s now has signed copies of Jonathan Bardon’s novel Hallelujah, the story of a musical genius and the city that brought his masterpiece to life.

18 November, 1741. George Frideric Handel, one of the world’s greatest composers, arrives in Dublin – the second city of the Empire – to prepare his masterpiece, Messiah, for its maiden performance the following spring.,..

Bringing to life an unforgettable cast of characters, Hallelujah provides a panoramic view of a city in flux – at once struggling to contain the chaos unleashed by catastrophic famine of the preceding year while striving to become a vibrant centre of European culture and commerce.

Brimming with drama, curiosity and intrigue, Hallelujah tells of how one charitable performance wove itself into the fabric of Ireland’s capital, changing the course of musical history and the lives of those who called the city home.

Signed copies of Hallelujah are available at Charlie Byrne’s for €24.99. For more information or to reserve a copy, simply contact us.

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