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In/Half – Jasmin B. Frelih

We have copies of “In/Half”, by Jasmin Frelih, in the shop at the moment!

 Jasmin B. Frelih

The Book

It is twenty-five years into the future, and a glitch in the global communications network is ripping a previously united world apart at the seams. The millennials find themselves hardest hit – among them childhood friends Evan, an addict theatre director; Kras, a family patriarch and ex-war-minister; and Zoja, an anarchist poet. As they prepare to celebrate their fiftieth birthdays, the three find themselves hurtling through a disconnected world filled with the debris of past histories, as they desperately try and recapture the magic of their former lives and hold on to some sort of sense of belonging. With its sharp focus on the contradictions of modernity, In/Half is a powerful statement on the perils of the future, and on the nature of the novel, by a voice from the new generation of writers.

About the Author

Jasmin Frelih (born 1986) is a Slovenian writer, editor and translator. He was born in Kranj, Slovenia, in 1986. He studied literature at the University of Ljubljana.


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