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It’s an encyclopedic tour around Ireland! It’s an Irelandopedia! A compendium of maps, facts and knowledge, this would make a fantastic gift for anyone missing home or someone trying to get to grips with the quirks of Irish culture.

Get ready to go on an exciting adventure around Ireland. Unleash your imagination and sense of adventure as you discover Ireland like you’ve never seen it before! Armchair travellers of any age will be totally absorbed by Fatti Burke’s detailed illustrations and her father John’s fabulous facts, which can be discovered on every page.


Galway in Irelandopedia

Spot the ghosts in Dunluce Castle. Can you find the Vanishing Lake? Eat a Blaa in Waterford and Yellowman in Antrim. Travel to the highest peak and the smallest harbour – even discover which county Elvis Presley’s  ancestors were from! Go fact-hunting and collect knowledge, county by county, until you have an Irelandopedic knowledge yourself!

This hilarious and colourful book will be enjoyed by all ages from all parts of Ireland. Although, sadly, Charlie Byrne’s does not feature on the Galway page, Irelandopedia is available none the less in store for only €21.99. For more information or to reserve a copy, simply contact us.

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