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It’s Always There by Lou Lou Rose


It’s Always There by Lou Lou Rose

With anxiety and stress on the rise in young children, It’s Always There by Lou Lou Rose is a beautiful and practical children’s meditation book for peace, calm and happiness. Come on a journey through cloudy days when you don’t feel so good and learn a secret trick to help you find your sunshine again. 

Lou Lou Rose is the creative partnership of Louise Shanagher and Rose Finerty. Together they aim to promote positive mental health for children through creativity and the arts. Lou Lou Rose believe passionately in nurturing children’s mental health through creative and fun methods.

Partly a story on meditation and calming, partly a workbook, this book seeks to encourage children to focus on their breathing patterns in order to bring calmness and mindfulness into situations they find stressful. A workbook section at the back of the book also encourages children to focus on the here and now, remember their thoughts are only like passing clouds and remind themselves to be thankful for what they have. Beautifully illustrated, it is rare to find such a delightful book aimed at the mental health and self confidence of younger children.

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To find out more about It’s Always There and Lou Lou Rose check out there website here!

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