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Launch: prIMPERFECT by Deirdre Sullivan

prIMPERFECT by deirdre sullivanWe are delighted to invite you to the launch of prIMPERFECT by Galway writer Deirdre Sullivan, on Friday the 1st of August at 6pm. Poet and biographer Gerry Hanberry will officiate the launch.

We’re massive fans of Deirdre’s previous books Prim Improper and Improper Order, which are aimed at early teens, but funny and touching enough to be enjoyed by all ages. PrIMPERFECT is the final installment in the diaries of Primrose Leary and has already made it onto our recommended reads!

prIMPERFECT is published by Little Island.


In the event of my untimely death, please burn this unread.  

No, don’t DO it! Prim’s alive (though the dashing Roderick is, alas, no more). She’s sixteen. She’s trying to make sense of her mum’s diaries. She is trying desperately to make Joel be friends with her again, but he’s all friends with Karen (aka the devil) now, and Prim’s found a boy called Robb-with-two-bees, and then there’s Steve the Goblin, and her dad’s getting together with you’ll-never-guess-who, and as for what’s going on with Ciara and Syzmon … Everything’s a little imperfect.

Desperately funny. Desperately touching.

A little bit about Deirdre O’Sullivan:

Deirdre Sullivan is many things: a riddle within a mystery within an enigma, a champion napper and the guardian of two ungrateful guinea pigs who keep vowing to destroy her. She would like to see them try, the little fools. Deirdre is a primary school teacher from Galway. She completed an MA in Drama and Theatre Studies before going on to do a postgraduate course in Primary Education. It was there that she took a course under the direction of Siobhan Parkinson and had her first novel, Prim Improper, commissioned for Little Island. Deirdre has also written three books in the Nightmare Club series under the name Annie Graves.


The launch of prIMPERFECT kicks off at 6pm on Friday the 1st of August.


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