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Papal Registers relating to Clonfert Diocese

Cover ClonfertNew in stock is Patrick Larkin’s A Calendar of Papal Registers relating to Clonfert Diocese, a book of great historical interest.

There is a collection of more that 2,000 volumes of official Vatican documentation from the late 1100′s to the late 1500′s in the Vatican Archives. It is made up of bulls, letters, appointments, and other historical instruments sent to ecclesiastical and other persons throughout the world. Patrick Larkin has examined these registers, and has extracted all the records relating to Clonfert Diocese. Added to these are the Petitions to the Popes, the Papal letters of Clement VII of Avignon, and the Patent Rolls of Kings Henry III to Edward III. Indices are provided listing the people, places and foundations mentioned.

‘This material will be of great interest to students of history in this area, whether Irish history, cultural history, family history or local history’

- Bishop John Kirby, Clonfert -

Clonfert Cathedral (St. Brendan’s) is one of the architectural gems of Ireland – who could not be moved by 

Bishop Kirby, Patrick Larkinthis wonderful 12 th century Church with its iconic doorway, or the ruins of the 17 th century bishop’s palace or the famous cruciform yew walk all just a short drive away from Athlone. A local historian Patrick Larkin has done a great service to future historians of Clonfert Diocese whether they are researching medieval churches, parish histories, or other aspects of family or local history in the areas. Most researchers are at least vaguely aware of the Papal Registers but usually avoid then because the originals are in Latin. 

But over the years, they have been made available in English translation, and now Patrick Larkin has extracted all the material relevant to his own diocese and brought it together in a very handsome volume. It covers the period from 1198 to 1521, and he has added three useful appendices. The first includes petitions to the Pope (1342-1419); the second, papal letters of Clement VII of Avignon and the third has references to Clonfert in the Patent Rolls of Kings Henry III to Edward III. It is also a model on which similar Volumes for other Diocese could be modelled. 

- Gearoid Brien in The Westmeath Independent of the 24th of December 2016 -

A Calendar of Papal Registers relating to Clonfert Diocese was also critically acclaimed by Noël P. Wilkins in the Journal of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society.

The book is available in the shop for €35 . For more information, or to reserve a copy, simply contact u

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