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Self-Acceptance – Dr. Harry Barry

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“Self-Acceptance: How to banish the self-esteem myth, accept yourself unconditionally and revolutionize your mental health “ by Dr. Harry Barry


The Book

In an age where self-esteem is seen as essential to mental health, we are seeing unprecedented rises in mental health difficulties from depression anxiety, eating disorders and many others. Is there not a dichotomy at play here? Is Self – Esteem (ie ‘I live for my rating’) a reality at all or simply a myth we are all buying into?

In this book, bestselling author Harry Barry challenges the conventional wisdom and explores why the terms self-acceptance, self-respect and self-actualization are more helpful in developing positive mental health. In his trademark style he also provides practical examples of what we should all be doing instead to build confidence and reach our full potential.

About the Author

Dr. Harry Barry is a highly respected Irish author and medic, with 36 years experience as a GP. With a keen interest in the area of mental health and suicide prevention, Dr. Barry is the author of numerous books addressing various aspects of mental health including depression and toxic stress. He regularly contributes to media coverage of these topics.

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