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Shakespeare’s Restless World; A Portrait of an Era in Twenty Objects by Neil MacGregor


Shakespeare’s Restless World by Neil MacGregor

In this brilliant work of historical reconstruction, Neil MacGregor brings us twenty objects that capture the essence of Shakespeare’s world. Together they transport us to that pivotal  moment when politics, science, religion, even the basic facts of geography, all had to be rethought. This was when modern man and woman – questioning, self-conscious, committed to their beliefs but curious to discover the world – came into being.

“Napoleon famously said that, to understand a man, you need to understand the world when he was twenty years old,” MacGregor writes in his introduction. For the men and women who grew up in Shakespeare’s time, daily life was exhilaratingly uncertain. This magnificent book, illustrated with colour photographs throughout, invites you to touch, smell and feel what life was like when humankind leaped into the modern world.

Neil MacGregor is a world-renowned museum director who has transformed the British Museum since he took charge in 2002. A popular presenter for the BBC, he is the author of A History of the World in 100 Objects, a hugely acclaimed New York Times best-seller that began its life as a hundred-part radio series listened to by millions worldwide.

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