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Taschen Books

Taschen books

Fantastic classic art catalogues – and they’re only €9.99 each!

Taschen books are one of our favourite art, architecture and photography publishers, so we’ve just put the finishing touches on a fantastic display of brand new titles!

Taschen 4

Beautiful photography and coffee table books

Taschen are well known for their high quality printing and affordable price, and we’ve stocked up on many of their recently published books including the breathe-taking Genesis and Jungle photography books. We’re also big fans of the beautiful cloth bound fairy tales (and have bought up almost all the copies of The Brothers Grimm!).

Taschen tattooWe haven’t forgotten the classics, and have lots of their great value paperback and hardback catalogues of well known artists like M.C. Escher, Dali, Klimpt, Turner, Caravaggio, Warhol, Bacon, and Matisse.

We’ve also got a smaller table brimming with their quirkier book on alternative art and illustration, fashion and iconic images. We especially love the classic cars and tattoos in this series.

These are great coffee table books to peruse in the evenings and also make special (and affordable!) gifts.

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