We Take Books

Charlie Byrne's Bookshop Mall We are always interested in taking in books that are in good or better condition. Most often, we offer shop credit in exchange for books. This credit can be used to purchase bargain and secondhand books in our Middle Street shop and our Oranmore warehouse. If you’d like to bring in books, please ring us at 091-561-766 first, since we sometimes find ourselves overstocked and unable to accept books for a time.

Small amounts of books may be dropped in for exchange in our Middle Street shop from Monday through Friday inclusive. When dropping larger amounts of books you might find it more convenient to drive to our Oranmore  warehouse and pull in directly at the entrance.  The warehouse is open on Saturdays from 10am-5pm.

Although we usually offer shop credit only in exchange for books, we are sometimes able to offer cash in exchange for rare books or large libraries of books. Please ring 091-561-766, and ask to speak to Charlie or Vinny for more information. Also, if you are interested in selling a library or other large collection of books, we can arrange for a member of staff to view your collection. Again, please ring 091-561-766, and ask to speak to Charlie or Vinny in order to make an appointment.


We take booksWe like to offer credit for books in good condition on the following subjects: Irish interest, biography, history, recent and classic literary fiction, poetry, drama, philosophy, spirituality, psychology, popular psychology, gardening, health, natural health, recent diet and nutrition titles, craft and art, recent photography titles, archaeology, popular fiction published within the last twelve months, and chapter books for older children, teenagers, and young adults. (If you’d like to bring in children’s books in exchange for credit, please ring 091-561-766 and ask for children’s section manager Mary.)

We do not offer shop credit for books on the following subjects: schoolbooks or second- or third-level textbooks, children’s picture books, hard- and soft-cover popular fiction published one or more years ago, cookery, business, and any books that are in poor or unsalable condition.

Feel free to ring us anytime at 091-561-766 with any questions!